Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - New Mum

Your first Mother's Day is really special.  It kind of marks a turning point in your life; you're no longer just somebody's daughter, wife or girlfriend, you're somebody's mother!  This is an important role and one that you don't really fully grasp until you hold that precious baby for the first time.  Now Dad's, take note here...she will only experience this 1st Mother's Day once!  
Aveda pamper set and little footprint kit
A new mum may be neglecting her own needs now that the little one has arrived on the scene.  It's a great opportunity to spoil her with a gift that lets her pamper herself a bit.  Hand and foot treatments are great as is a gift card for her favourite spa.  
I love this idea!  A series of canvases to document your growing child's handprints.  I suggest for smaller babies to go with a footprint kit.  Babies have a tendency to keep their fingers curled and it is much easier to press a baby foot than a baby hand (I've tried this...it is not fun!).  I've done this for both of my kids and it was the best idea.  Looking back at those tiny sets of fingers and toes gets me everytime...

This is a no-brainer!  Simple initial, hand-stamped necklaces to wear everyday.  We all love to keep our babies close...this is a winner!

versatile sarong 
I love clothes that are forgiving and always look great.  Your body has been through a lot and it takes a while to get back to where you feel it should be (or at least comfortable with).  Give a new mum a gorgeous sarong that can be worn loosely wrapped at the waist, as a dress (with some fancy tying!),  covers you up while nursing and is great for an impromptu picnic or light-weight baby blanket.  I've cherished mine through the years and still use the ones I was given after my son was born.  Further to this, an afternoon out shopping sans baby is also a great idea!  Treat mum to lunch and a bit of a shopping spree at her favourite shop!  You have no idea how much something new to wear is appreciated after having a baby!!

breakfast in bed, image via Martha Stewart
Lastly, you can't go wrong with a lie-in and breakfast in bed.  A morning spent relaxing is a luxury for a new mum (well any mum, really!) and the thoughtfulness of breakfast in bed is priceless!  

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