Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Snippets

What a glorious weekend!  We had such great weather and we were lucky enough to spend the majority of it outside...

Olivia had a great playdate, Max had flag football (which is so good!) and we got Smith a harness and tie-out for the backyard.  He has been desperate to join us while we are outside but because we are located on the corner of a couple of busy streets I haven't let him out before.  I wasn't sure how it would go (or if he'd even let me put the harness on) but he loves it!  After only 2 days, he sits nicely while I put on his harness and has stopped trying to bite my hand off when I undo it...Has any one else had experience with a cat on a leash?  Any tips or tricks to keeping them safe and happy?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Things that make me smile

This weather is making me smile!  
It has been hot this and sticky.  The kids have been playing in the sprinkler, the full-coverage sunscreen is now always within reach and there has been little to no action in the kitchen!  We've been taking our cooking outside - it's barbeque season!!  I am inspired to freshen up our tiny yard: add more shade (it gets too hot back there!), have some portable and cozy seating areas for reading and relaxing and make it a place where we all want to be.  Here are some images that are inspiring me...have a fantastic weekend!!
Domino Magazine

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rainbow Cake

Here is Liv's Birthday cake!  My sister-in-law made this after the request for a rainbow cake was given at last years party.  Olivia remained committed to the rainbow cake idea all year and added the sun idea just the other day.

The cake itself was chocolate with a peanut butter buttercream filling and rainbow coloured fondant.  The rainbow portion was set on another layer (the cloud) of chocolate cake, iced with an italian meringue.  This cake was beyond decadent and beyond delicious.  Thanks Ang!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Exhaustion

We are all suffering from a severe case of birthday exhaustion!  It is a big deal turning 4! 
We'll be back with lots of pictures from our celebrations and I can't wait for you to see her birthday cake!!  Awesome!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Prep

Liv is turning 4 on Saturday and I am in full-swing prep mode for her parties (did you see how that is plural?!). Tomorrow kicks off the festivities with all her little girlfriends. I've been preparing butterfly trinket boxes, cupcakes, flower lollies and monogramed gift bags...I'm exhausted.
I am feeling like this is a big birthday (for me!). My baby isn't a baby anymore and she is my last. Thank goodness my girlfriend is due any day now so I can get my fix from her new bundle...
It's exciting to see them grow up and kind of sad when we realize just how fast time passes.
I will enjoy these next few days and document it all...stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden Glimpse

Here's a litle glimpse of what we did this weekend...

I have avoided any use of delicate, pretty plants in our backyard because they would be destroyed by soccer balls, footballs or kid's feet within days!  The marigold is Olivia's (she only wanted 1) and I've also stuck a strawberry plant in there for fun.   The yard itself is quite small and every inch of it gets used when we're playing.  There are so many things I'd like to do back here but feel my energy is better spent enjoying the kids play than worrying about how my flowers are doing.  
I'm in the market now for a clever sun-shade...any ideas?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wide World of Wallpaper

Has anyone else noticed how many gorgeous wallpaper designers are popping up?  I love wallpaper as an option to bring some life to a room and inject a bit of mood or playfulness.  In fact, I'm on my way over to a client's this morning to drop off her wallpaper from ModGreenPod and let the talented wallpaper hanger get to work.
Here are some new designers that I've been introduced to in the last 2 days!
Fine Little Day wallpaper collaboration between 8 yr old Otto & his mum Elisabeth via Bloesom Kids
Bespoke digitally-printed wallpapers by Istabul-based Studio Nommo via The Design Files
Have a fantastic day!!  Hope this starts it off on an inspired note!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Snippets

I loved this weekend!  The weather was perfect, the gardening was great and the kids spent most of their time outside which means happy, not bored children that sleep really well (in their own beds!).  How about you?  What fun did you get up to?  I think for me, the only thing that could have made the weekend more perfect would have been to have friends round for dinner...It's ok though because next weekend promises to be filled with lots of fun and people while we celebrate Liv's 4th Birthday!!  
Smith in a box
my fabric garland...
our garden bunny
There's lots to do this week so I'm off to get started!  I hope the glow from the weekend helps you through this Monday...bye for now.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Things that make me smile

What a glorious Friday we are glorious in fact that I've spent most of it outside and away from my computer.  That, I tell you, is something to smile about!
I found this fantastic organization this week while browsing the web called Hands Up Not Handsout.  This group partners with women around the world in the production and marketing of one-of-a-kind goods.  They currently have hand-embroidered bracelets from Palestine and fantastic hoop earrings from Rwanda.

all images via Hands Up Not Handsout
Pop over here to find out more and maybe even support the cause and score some fantastic new accessories!
Have a great weekend & I'll see you on Monday!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So Sweet! Modern Cake Design

I am sure this beauty of a cake is going to make it's way round the web but I just couldn't pass up the chance to show it to you!!  Also, it's Olivia's birthday in a couple of weeks so I have cake on the brain (well, a little more than I usually do!!) Enjoy!!
the finished masterpiece...
the close-up...and get this!
the inspiration fabric the design came from!!!

The cake design is from Sugarcoat It Studios and the fabric is designed by Jessica Jones who also has the fabulous blog 'How About Orange'.  These talented ladies are very inspirational; and I bet that cake is just too delicious for words...

Dandelion Fluff

It's everywhere right now.  White, puffy dandelion fluff is floating all around lawn, my neighbour's lawns as well as the parks are covered in them!   I've always had a soft spot for them though.  They provide hours of fun for kids and are really pretty before they seed.  I know they drive a lot of people nuts so I was wondering if anyone had  any thoughts on these exceptionally viable weeds?  Do you have a secret method to keeping them at bay or perhaps an all natural remedy to ridding them from your lawn?  I'd love to know...
via Flickr
via Flickr

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning Inspiration

The perfect spring mix; delicate blooms atop warm wool blankets.  I love the colour combination and am completely inspired!  Not a bad way to start a dreary Wednesday morning...
Polly Wreford via Sarah Kaye Representation

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Cone of Shame

I was completely side-tracked little Smith went to get neutered.  I was completely un-focused and just couldn't complete a sentence for my posts!  He's home now and wearing the cone of shame till he stops licking...

I am so gratetful to the Humane Society for passing on the numbers of some local, completely affordable offices that do the procedure.  They did a great job, were very professional and were loving and wonderful with the pets that were there.  Smith is resting now and happy to be home!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Quick & Easy Salad

Sometimes I'm honestly at a loss when trying to figure out what to serve to accompany my main courses.  I tire easily of the potato, rice, couscous thing and am always looking for a way to get some more veggies into all of us.  We eat really well but there are times (like last night) when we get home late and everyone is famished and I have no time to prepare anything.  This is super quick and uses up some fridge and pantry staples.  Feel free to substitute your favourite vegetables or whatever you may have lying around!  I tend to eyeball the dressing and go  with the less is more attitude for this salad,  especially when using ripe tomatoes.  
Quick & Easy Salad
1/2 cucumber, quartered & sliced
1/2 red onion finely diced
1/2 red pepper diced
2 tomatoes, chopped
1/2 cup chick peas, drained & rinsed
handful of fresh arugula leaves
scattering of feta cheese
combine all ingredients in a bowl and toss.  drizzle with olive oil (roughly 1/4 cup), red wine vinegar (2 tblsp) and salt & pepper to taste.

Weekend Snippets

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed Mother's Day.  My kids woke up and it took them a good 2 hours before they realized it was Mother's Day (hilarious!).  They outdid themselves though this year (well, along with my husband - thanks!) with a beautiful card, new Jamie Oliver cookbook and a gift card towards a new camera...yeah!!! The best part was there was little to no fighting and we were all together.
We were busy as well this weekend.  It started with a fantastic party at a girlfriend's house (lots of talented women and lots of conversation), another girlfriend's baby shower and ended with a visit to family in Niagara.  Aside from the cold temperatures and tornado-like winds it was a perfect weekend...
a baby blanket & matching bib I made
lots of baby presents!
the start of a road trip...
playing hide and seek

Friday, May 7, 2010

Things that make me smile

Back at Post 100, I brought you the story of a little boy named Liam. Well, Liam's mum has organized an awesome giveaway on the We Love Liam site which includes contributions from 52 artisits...The giveaway closes on Mother's Day and you will be automatically entered with your donation!  You don't have to do anything else!!  Check out all the details here and what's being doanted here.
These are just a few of the awesome labels that are donating either items of gift cards or both!  What a wonderful thing for Mother's another mum and family and maybe even win something gorgeous for yourself or your own mum!! Go check it out!!! Happy Mother's Day...