Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Snippets - Part One

Well!  Was your weekend as good as mine?  I confess, I took a bit of an extra long one this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every single moment!  I am still in the process of going through all my pictures but I thought I'd share a bit of our Canada Day Firework Extravaganza!  

It wasn't really an extravaganza but it was fun anyway!  A couple of packs of sparklers, a lighter and a camera are really all you need.  We did have a quick lesson on why we don't touch the end of sparklers, nicely demonstrated by Olivia on her first attempt but other than that we came out unscathed.  Max was most impressed by the shots I took of them whirling the sparklers around.  I confess, it was fun and I'll take any cool points I can get from my budding pre-teen!  
I've got a crazy week this week so I will forwarn you that the postings could be few and far between.  Who knows's at times like these I tend to be my most productive!!  Time will tell...

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