Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Snippets

Happy Monday!  
We are under overcast skies today, but nothing can dampen our victories over the weekend.  Max played his final football game and they came out on top (by 1 point!!).  It was a fantastic game with both sides (it was 3 on 3) playing their hearts out and really working together on every play.  It is really wonderful to see a group of kids so supportive of each other through the good plays and not so good ones too. I was thoroughly impressed that they kept going despite the extreme heat!
Liv has conquered the pool!  She has shed all of her floating contraptions and is able to swim unaided.  She's even managed to pull off a backwards somersault if you can believe it! 
I'll be back with my victories on the bath reno!!  See you soon....

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