Monday, March 15, 2010

Bubbles The Bunny

Well, here she is!  My first ever sewing project that Olivia has so lovingly named 'Bubbles'.
I was surprised that she turned out so well and even more surprised that I had no issues with the machine itself.  I was really nervous about screwing up the threading of it, winding the bobbin etc. but managed to figure it all out pretty quickly.  My daughter requested the pink embroidered nose and lips (big surprise) and I threw in a belly button as well for good measure!  I think these bunnies are adorable and I love that the Purl Bee has these great project on their site!!
I decided after completing Bubbles that I would tackle the dress as well so she didn't have to be exposed!  I am fairly happy with the results although the 'V' at the front of the dress is a bit too low (maybe Bubbles is more sassy than we had thought!) so I will be more cautious of this on my next attempt. 
 Oh yes, there will be more!  I loved every moment of making this bunny that I've already cut out 3 more to make for my friends children for easter!!  

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so adorable! And so impressive for your first attempt!