Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5 times more love

My days are pretty full.  I have 2 kids that pull me in different directions, a house, design clients that I am sourcing for, visiting, presenting to or perhaps overeeing renos for.  I had been planning on starting Lille Mor prior to Christmas but ended up being side tracked by these guys.  I had no idea just how full my days were going to get!

These 5 kittens were orphaned just after their 2 week birthday.  With no new mum in sight, I stepped in without a moments thought.

My next few weeks were a delirious blur of formula feedings, Christmas prep and trying to find homes for these small babies. I  could never have imagined just how time consuming bottle feeding 5 kittens up to 8 times a day was!!  It slowly got easier as they grew and I was fortunate that so many great people came forward to offer their homes and hearts to my brood.

I'm happy to report that at 9 weeks old, they all are healthy and living with their new families....

Including Smith... We had to keep one!

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