Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everything is as it Seems

image by Jen Renninger Still Room Studio
You know that feeling when you just have to have something?  Well, that's how I felt when I saw Jen Renninger's 'Everything is as it seems' print.  Naturally, I was attracted to the bird (I do love birds) but it was the sentiment that went with it that really grabbed me.  
I have the print perched on my desk and this image reminds me daily that things are just as they are and it is only  my interpretation that can change.
Jennifer is an amazingly talented artist (and super nice on top of it!!) who's work has been featured in such notable magazines as New York Times, Harpers, O Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens.  There are more but you get the idea, right?  Her full collection of paintings, designs, collage and illustrations are so vast that this post just could not do it justice! Below are a few of my favorites from her site.  The first image is from her much loved Modern Design Deck series.

  Lucky for us, she is selling a selection of her illustrations and prints at her Etsy store.  

If you prefer to wear your art, the above image 'Keep Calm and Ride On' is being sold at Urban Outfitters on a nice v-neck tee
Jen seems to have lots on the go and some new projects in the works for the future.  Keep up to date on Jen's work here.
  Thanks for the beautiful images Jen!!

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post!

    It's absolutely made my day. I love to see how people frame things, and even more wonderful, to hear how they are impacted by having the pictures around everyday. What you said about the 'as it seems ' print being a daily reminder is something I'll always cherish! Thank YOU!