Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kid Spaces

I'm sure those of you out there that spend any time with kids will agree that the imagination is a truly magical thing.  It always amazes me how the most mundane item in the entire house will intrigue my daughter for hours.

My son has the ability to take random lego pieces (from the jumble of sets that he's aquired over the years) and transform these small plastic bits into the most detailed sculptures, vehicles or species.  Even better is how these things can then take them on a journey of changing the playroom (backyard, under the table, etc...) into a whole new world.

As we get older our ability to delve into these wonderous made up places seems harder to reach.  The ins and outs of our daily lives contribute to this for sure but if we are fortunate enough to hang onto just a spark of  our childhood the imagination can be up and running faster and better than ever.

I was so happy when I stumbled across 'Cool Spaces fo Kids' by Sam Scarborough.  It's a DIY kind of book that focuses on helping caregivers create the kind of nooks and hide-aways that really up the fun quotient!  Sam takes us from conception to construction of these spaces that range from an outdoor fairy garden to an under-the-table house.  What really appealed to me (aside from the fun ideas and great photography) was that the projects weren't just aimed at babies and toddlers.  There are great ideas for older kids and teenagers as well and the thing is, it's really easy to modify the ideas to make them more personal.  

I've been leafing through my copy earmarking the projects that my children and I can tackle...I've got a bunch of bent pages and a head full of ideas!

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