Monday, January 25, 2010

A Bit of Sugar

My Mum came to visit this weekend.  She lives just far enough away from us that visits aren't as frequent as we'd all like.  It's always amazing when she comes because I get to see everyone at their very best.  My kids soak up all that she has to give and she gets that extra glimmer in her eye delighting in all that they are.  I love these times too.  I get to watch my kids experience her unconditional love and patience and listen to all of her stories and knowledge on everyting from Ancient Greece to tips on baking.

This weekend was no exception.  We got out the baking supplies and made some melt in your mouth sugar cookies in the shapes of hearts, fish and butterflies.  The kids learned proper rolling techniques and how to get the most cookies from your dough.  We also learned to give Liv her own bowls of icing.  She pefers to do lots of licking of the utensils rather than spreading of the icing!

They made some fantastic cookies and they were very proud of the end result!

The cookies are delicious (we don't eat the ones Liv decorated!) but even more delicious are the memories...
Go bake some cookies!!

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