Friday, January 22, 2010

A Little Help

My son came home from school the other day asking what we could do to help the people in Haiti.  My first thought (naturally) was 'let's organize a Bake Sale!!'  I love baked goods, so any excuse to do a variety of cookies and squares is always right up my alley.  This idea was quickly rejected because it is so hard to ensure that items are safe for the kids that have allergies.  So there we were, back to the drawing board.

 I find my kids to be the catalyst for most of my endeavours and this is certainly no exception.
  I had been playing around with some jewellery designs over the past couple of months and this was the push I need to get into action!  I designed a beautifully simple necklace I've named 'Hope' to be sold in my Etsy shop.  $5.00 from each sale of this piece will go to the Canadian Red Cross.  Please visit my new Etsy store to view the items and for further details.

 If we all do a little bit we can really make a difference!

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