Friday, April 23, 2010

Mod Green Pod

Oh - I'm having a bit of a crush on Mod Green Pod and their fantastic line of eco-friendly products!  
I found the Texas-based company while searching for a greener alternative wallpaper for one of my clients.  Co-founded by sisters-in-law Nancy & Lisa Mims in 2005 in the hopes to fill the gap of high style products that are healthier for our homes (and loved ones!).  How these two have delivered!!
Mod Green Pod offers textiles that are woven and printed in the US, on 100% certified organic cotton that is produced in the US as well.   The prints are fun, graphic and sophisticated at the same time.  Offered in a soft but sturdy upholstery weight cotton making it perfect for everything from your throw pillows to an upholstered chair or headboard.  I am seriously considering a re-do of my dining chairs as an excuse to get some of this!!

The wallpaper is about as great as it gets!  Fantastic motifs and colour-ways that are printed in non-toxic inks with a water-based glaze and absolutely no vinyl or PVC's!!  Yeah!  We're going with the Grand Jubilee in licorice/natural...stunning.
I just want to add as well that my client's daughter chose the pattern and colourway in the end.  She is 13 years old and this is for her bedroom!  As a designer, I knew she couldn't go wrong with any of the options and the room creator feature on the website empowered her and allowed her to trust her instincts.
Have you been toying with the idea of wallpaper but can't imagine it or are turned off by the PVC content?  Hop over to Mod Green Pod and have a look and try the interactive feature...such a brilliant idea.  Oh and if you have any questions, they have super-friendly and on top of it all, Valerie.  I had an inquiry and had such wonderful prompt service.  I think that it is so important and I applaud them for this.  
Hope this product and site inspire you too!
Find them herehere and here too!

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