Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time to Slow Down

I think somebody, somewhere is telling me to slow down a bit!  Shortly after my Monday morning post was put up yesterday I took a certain little girl to the doctor's office.  She woke up with the brightest red cheeks you've ever seen!  We waited and waited and waited.  She was so patient and happy...
and red, and blotchy....
and in our 2-plus hours of waiting, we read and sang and caught up.  It was actually a really special time (well maybe not for all of the other people waiting!).  She's got fifth disease!  Have you ever experienced this?  Apparently, it's quite common and generally once the distinctive red rash appears, you aren't contagious.  We're not taking any chance for the next few days (just to be safe).   So, my plans have changed a little for this week and I'll be sticking close to home with Liv.  We'll get some gardening done and maybe some fun craft projects. 
 I'm sure I'll manage to get some work in here and there!

1 comment:

  1. What adorable photos! And I spy a denim jacket :) I hope she gets better soon!