Friday, April 9, 2010

Things that make me smile

This home tour from Martha Stewart popped into my inbox late yesterday and after the kids had gone to bed I sat with my laptop and perused the photos.  
I was immediately drawn to this house and it's clean lines and un-fussy decor.  It just looks good!  
After going through the images once, I went back to look at the art and it's placement throughout the rooms.  In the main foyer, propped and framed prints make for easy rotation and complimentary groupings.  It's not always neccesary to hang your art.

Symmetry at play in the bedroom.  Two bold framed prints flanking the dresser.

A fun vintage print in the playroom...

all photos via Martha Stewart
Whether it's a favourite hobby or object grouping like pictures in the same frames makes a striking feature wall.  These airplane pictures are taken from a book. 
 Art is everywhere!!

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