Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Storage Solutions, Built-Ins

I was out this morning running errands and I overheard a conversation between a couple of mums discussing how overwhelmed they were with the amount of 'things' that end up lying around the house.  Paperwork and mail, shoes and keys, bookbags and toys...the list can go on and on.  The conversation really hit home with me both personally and professionaly.  Most days, I feel the same way about my house.  I know we have too many things for our space and at the moment, inadequate storage.  I will remedy this in the future but now it drives me bananas!  
This is also a subject that I spend the majority of my work days concentrating on.  I've just wrapped up a mudroom/laundry room that needed some tweaking to better suit the homeowners lifestyle as well as a kitchen office nook that was functioning as only a drop zone for the entire family.  It is often the small, over-looked areas that cause us the most distress. In my opinion, storage and how it will be used, is an integral, high priority topic when designing or decorating your home.  You don't need an enormous budget, just a solutions-based game plan and an honest look at how you live and what you need to remedy.  
Today I'm focusing on custom built-ins.  The pictures I've included are all what I consider to be smart-plan solutions.  They will all adapt over time with the changing needs of any given family.  Remember that, it's key! What you need storage for now might be very different from what you will need in 5 years time...
Built in desk by Feldman Architecture 
Custom Office *source unknown
Built in desk *source unknown
Storage Staircase by Donald K. Olsen Architect
Built-in bookcase and TV by Jacob's Design Inc.
Laundry room *source unknown
Bedroom with built-in desk via Houzz
While custom units do tend to be pricier than off the shelf pieces they also will give you exactly what you need and will look integrated into your home.  Working with a professional for this is highly reccomended to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!  It pays to have a new (and trained) set of eyes and ears to guide you through the process ensuring that all of the key issues are addressed.  
Tomorrow we'll look at some free-standing options for your home.
*I've got a couple of images that I can't remember where they came from!  If anyone knows please forward the info to me so I can credit accordingly!!  Thanks!

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