Thursday, April 8, 2010

Storage Solutions, Freestanding

Free standing storage units have come such a long way in recent years.   Our options now seem endless, spanning from modern to traditional to cottage to vintage to industrial and varying as much in price as they do in style.  You can find nearly everything your looking for if you don't mind a bit of legwork.  Today I've pulled together some great options from some of the better known shops as well as some you may not have heard of (yet!).  I love the option of a good free-standing unit.  You can take it with you when you move, it (generally) is less of an investment, and can function in varying rooms if you are a serial decorator (you know who you are!).  These units help to corral your items and display them beautifully and give you a certain amount of flexibility that a built-in unit cannot.
Bookcase via DWR

Shelving via DWR
Stacked Crates via Houzz

Oeuf Toy Store via Velocity

Office Storage via Pottery Barn
Largest Cubbie Case via Maine Cottage

Sideboard via Restoration Hardware

BluDot Chigaco 8 Box Storage Unit via Velocity

Ikea bedroom
Arie Shelf via Klaus by Nienkamper
Salvaged kitchen via House and Home
Have you had the experience of living with either built-in or freestanding units?  Do you have a preference?  What about the pros and cons of each?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this issue as I believe it is truly something we all struggle with...where do we put all of our stuff and what is the best way to put it away.

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