Friday, April 16, 2010

Things that make me smile

I received a notice yesterday from my friend Karl that his amazing weekly web-comic 'The Abominable Charles Christopher  is going to be made into a book (well the first 2 years anyway!)...I am so happy for him.  I don't remember a time when Karl was not in my life and I also don't remember a time when he wasn't drawing comics.  He's been drawing professionally for 15 years doing everything from Superman, The Flash, Teen Titans and the new 'Marvel Kid's' line featuring Spider-Man!!  
Charles Christopher is like little slices of life played out weekly through a cast of animal characters.  It is beautiful, touching, hillarious and sometimes sad.  
artwork available for purchase here

The new ACC book with a 40" gatefold featuring all the characters and a 'this book belongs to' page.  
paintings by Karl...

I am so intriqued by these characters and I would LOVE to see an ACC children's book (hint, hint)!  I would also love to have these characters gracing the walls of my kids bedrooms or playroom.  Maybe one day...right Karl?  Until then, I highly recommend a read through of The Abominable Charles Christopher.  Even if you aren't a regular comic fan you will be amazed at how these characters draw you in and leave you wanting more...

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