Tuesday, February 16, 2010

House Refresher

I'm on a big kick right now to refresh some items thoughout our house.  I'm longing to add a bit of softness throughout (but not too soft!!).  It could be that I need the sun to come out, it has been so very dull here lately...The changes don't have to be major (although those Wegner chairs would fall under the 'Major' catagory!) but I'd like to sense the difference when I walk in the room.  I've put together some of my ideas from over my long weekend pre-spring cleaning walk through.  Here are my thoughts so far...
some new throw cushions via furniture and design (I'm also thinking of doing a linen sofa cover as well - I LOVE this!!

A new table and chairs via Klaus by Nienkamper

and some new bedding from Dwell via Design Sponge

Are you there yet as well?  Any items on your wish list?  Let me know,  I'd love to hear!!

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