Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cardboard homes for everyone (including cats)

As you know, I fostered a few kittens throughout December.  One of the issues that arrose was how to house all of these animals, especially if you don't have a designated room in your house that you can keep them in.  I checked on-line for tutorials on how to construct a cardboard house for kittens that would essentially split up their eating, sleeping and bathroom needs.  I was unlucky on coming up with anything that would function for our needs as well as stand up to the 5 growing kittens hijinks! 
What I did find (thanks Elaine) was the Loyal Luxe Canadian Cabin for Fluffy Little Critters. It ended up being the fun house but still...
This also turned me on to a bunch of other fantastic cardboard products for the whole family.  Have a look at these!!

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