Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was leafing through the January issue of Country Living and stopped in my tracks when I saw this stunning Arts and Crafts home; Voewood:
Purchased and lovingly restored by antiquarian bookseller Simon Finch this grand home has been brought back from neglect and renewed to it's former beauty.   I love that they have retained the integrity of the period throughout but have added some really fantastic and sometimes cheeky elements in the decor.  The balance is perfect.
All images from the Voewood Site
Every aspect of this home appealed to me in  one way or another...the majestic landscaping, the textiles, mosaics, antiques throughout the home from various periods, all of it!  Fantastic!! 
Voewood looks like it would be a wonderful place to visit, a place that would want you coming back for more...

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