Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pretty Organizers

Do you remember how I was saying I was looking for some softer elements to add to our house? Well, I found some yesterday at Chapters while I was looking for organizers for my desk! Aren't these the prettiest catch-alls you've seen in a while?  
I love the dove grey colour and contrast stitching...
the lining is perfect in a flora & fauna motif...
and, they're substantial in they're construction to stand up to my crazy magazine collection!!
I also grabbed a pack of these Martha Stewart writing pens in 'library colours'...they are my favourite and I am really loving this combo of charcoal, sepia, moonstone and indigo.
I'm actually not dreading going through my paperwork now and this may even help to take the edge off of doing my taxes!! Well...I may need more that pretty organizers for that....

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