Friday, February 5, 2010

It's a Lark!

It says right in Allison's About me section 'Our aim is to make you smile'...well that's what you do!!
I LOVE this shop and all that Allison does to support handmade, her fellow crafters and small business enterprises.  I stumbled upon Lark about a year ago and have been following the blog ever since.  I find it very refreshing and uplifting and also just so darn cute! I've even ordered some stuff for my niece in Australia!!
 Allison designs and makes a lot of the product herself as well as enlisting the help of  'local craftspeople, and with non-profit community groups, including an organisation of women artisans in rural Bangladesh and a group of adults with disabilities closer to home in Central Victoria'.    I mean, how amazing is this woman?  She also has 2 little children, helps organize the Daylesford Makers' Market in Victoria and is now opening a small cafe!!  I'm trying to catch my breath just thinking about it...
I encourage you to check out her site and even have a peek into her home as well (just as amazing as the store!).  There's an amazing shop tour of Lark here!  I'm hoping to get back to Australia soon to pop in for a bit of shopping and tea and cakes!
I hope Allison, her shop and whimsical items make you smile as well.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! Your blog is lovely, I am going to try that banana choc muffin recipe!

    Allison xx